Introspection on Process

Started working on a new piece today. I need to find ways to shorten the time I spend searching for and examining reference material.  My analytical side seems to always win out.  The advice from Diana…”you just have to do it!” probably needs to become my mantra for research.  I mean really, how many photos and type descriptions do I need of a persimmon tree or grape vine?

My commitment is to give myself a time limit for research, then go with what I have. SamSea Grapee applies to photos I take for a project.  Do I need 300 photos of a subject when I know I’ll only use three or four to work from?  The time it takes to go through all the photos is too much, and really overwhelms my thought processes.   Maybe I need to spend time drawing outside where I only have one reference to work with.  Might be just the ticket.

I have decided to set a goal to start including shots of my work in progress starting with my next blog entry. I always work better under pressure, so here’s hoping that’s true in this case.

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