WIP – Urban Garden Banner

It was nice long holiday weekend used to catch up on errands and visit with family in from out of town. In spite of all the activities there was still time to work a little on the banner.  I think I’m done with the sunflower, or at least the center.  Tiny, tiny little seed pods.  I think I’ll need to get stronger reading magnifiers after that.  I’m really appreciating the polychromos pencils for the fine detail, but still like the Prismacolor for color choice and for their layering ability.  The effect is wonderful.  You can see the individual colors but still get a richness and depth as the final result.

I’m pretty pleased with the tomato plant. I think the choice to include fruit in various stages of ripening worked out well.  It was an interesting problem to capture the variety of greens and delicate reflections of red and yellow.  I don’t know how well that comes out using my phone for photos so sorry if that doesn’t read.grape2

I’m holding off on the monarch butterfly and purple cabbage leaves until I finish the grapes. I want to spend as little time as possible exposing the tomato fruit to heat from my arm since that causes some very light smearing and takes a lot of time cleaning up.

I’m working on the grapes now and will use fall colors for the leaves, red, yellow and green, for balance. I also think they will read well from a distance.  Makes me want to do a little wine tasting.





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