WIP – It’s Done!

I’m done with the artwork for the banner but need to let it sit and look at it for a couple of days just in case I decide any tweaking is needed. Or, if I notice anything else that needs to be cleaned up.  First thing next week, it goes out for digital capture.  Once that is done, the digital file will go to the printer to add the text and print the banner.  And the really fun part of the project?  Delivering the banner to the school’s gardening club.

I am very pleased with the results. I have not used both Prismacolor and polychromos in a single work before.  As I have noted in earlier postings, they each have their attributes and challenges.  I won’t say weaknesses; it’s just knowing when the best time is to use each one.  I will say that I am anxious to create a piece with an animal as the subject, using only polychromos.  I’m curious how they handle for detail like fur on the Dura-Lar film.done1

I feel the use of a number of different colors and making sure they were balanced and complimentary works well. I thought about that quite a bit while I was working on the layout and choosing the subjects.  I was definitely willing, and prepared, to make changes at any point if it started to fall apart or not work.  Happily that was not necessary and only a few minor changes were needed as I was working.

This was absolutely one of the more enjoyable projects for me since a lot of the works I take on are portraits, and that does get repetitive. Getting to pull a composition together from just ideas is fun and rewarding.  It was a real treat to be able to work on so many botanical subjects, especially fruit and vegetables and the insects.


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