WIP on Maurice

Maurice’s portrait is coming along nicely. His coat is surprisingly varied in color, but the differences are subtle.  I’m glad I have a couple dozen reference photos of him so I can separate shadows from coat color, especially around his muzzle.  I am always drawn to light colored fur because of the blues, yellows and soft pinks that come into play. In this case, not only does his coat have very light coloring, it also has golds and a rich spectrum of browns.


I really enjoy working with a subject that has so much personality without having to be told too much about him by his owner. While every animal has their own personality traits, many are way more obvious to their human companion that to those of us who do not know them well.   In Maurice’s case, he just oozes character, making my job easier and way more fun.

I have spent a fair amount of time on his ears today. The coloring is very soft and the changes subtle, calling for a very delicate touch with the pencils.  Blending is working well, but I have found that certain colors can leave pills of residue.  Cleaning them up is tedious, but I have not found a way to avoid this happening.  A photo of the progress as of today included.


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