WIP on Maurice

Maurice’s portrait is done! Work progressed quickly without many distractions the last couple of days.  I’m happy with the final result and hope his human companion will be as well.  I will be interested in knowing if they share it with Maurice’s therapy clients and hearing if they enjoy it.  I know he is a great addition to my portfolio.

He is a furry little guy with a combination of short and longer fur. It made for some fine detailing work especially because of the numerous colors in his coat.  It was a good exercise of using a light hand and blending with pencil strokes.  I also used wax paper and sometimes an eraser, to remove some color for highlights and to get more depth in some areas.   Love the wax paper but it is not great if the pencil is more than a couple of layers.


Next up are a Tahoe and Cowboy, a friend’s two cats as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. It’s a nice change as I seem to mostly get commissions for dog portraits, and even though I love dogs, I have always had cats.  I get my dog fixes working with my clients and going to dog oriented events.  Speaking of that, I will have a booth at an upcoming event sponsored by the Morris Animal Foundation.  The event is a walk to raise funds for cancer research for dogs.  It’s a good cause and you might want to look for one of their events near you.


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