It’s the Friday of a Long Week

The last couple of days have not been too productive as far as getting a good start on my next project. Thursday was happily given over to opening day of baseball and all that entails.  It was fun and we got to catch up with folks we only see during the season.  The up side was, with time to kill, I had a chance to go through my reference photo catalogue and pick some subjects to work on between commissions.  This is one of my favorites.  I saw this during a morning walk in the neighborhood.  It is some variety of a Chinese lantern flower.  I’ll have to do a little more research to find out specifically which variety.

lantern flower

Today was spent with the graphic designer at the printer finalizing final proofs for the wedding invitation. Had some glitches with the scans of the artwork that had to be worked out.  Thankfully the designer is a dream to work with.  We both are detail oriented and a little obsessive, so when I pick things out, or ask for certain details that a lot of her clients don’t (see or ask for), she doesn’t get ticked off.

Hopefully Monday I will be able to start Tahoe’s and Cowboy’s portrait so I’ll have a draft to share in my next update.


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