Prepping for the K9 Cancer Walk

The first event of the season is this Sunday. It’s time to drag out all the supplies and check they are in good condition.  I have learned to keep a notebook to jot down ideas to make doing the event easier and more productive, not to mention easier to store equipment.  What have my husband and I learned?  The first event, we carried everything separately from the parking area to the vendor area.  It was tiresome work and had to done again at the end of a day of being on our feet for six plus hours.  While there, we saw other vendors with nifty fold up canvas carts with tires like a truck.  Genius!  We can move our equipment in just a couple of trips, not including the pop up tent.  Other additions have been stackable storage containers that fit the wagon, the notebook for ideas, and pet odor eliminator since dogs want to mark everything.

We have developed some great marketing ideas as well. Raffia tied around sets of note cards sell much better than individual note cards.  Setting up a table in the center of our booth brings people into the shade and creates more conversation…a little like a gallery.  Of course offering a show only discount or holding a raffle for artwork, is a great magnet for potential clients.  This event is dog oriented, but even so, I find that displaying samples of all of my work creates interest and conversation.

Certainly an excellent strategy is to showcase portraits of especially big personality dogs. These are fun to talk about working with the animal and their human and potential clients can relate and are more inclined to ask questions about what it takes, on their part, to have a portrait done.


Here is one of my most popular “models” Happy. He surely is and he has helped sell a number of commissions. Back to organizing the event and running related errands. Hopefully I will get a couple of commissions this weekend.

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