Grateful Gardeners and a Happy Bride

Today I had the happy task of delivering completed projects. The first delivery was to the school urban garden club.  The kids are between 11 and 13 in age, and they were wrapping up their weekly gardening responsibilities when I arrived.  Their garden is beautiful.  The kids really work hard at keeping it weeded, trimmed, and watered.  There is a lot to be said for all that young energy being focused on this type of project.  Certainly more productive than sitting on a sofa playing games or spending the afternoon mesmerized by texts, tweets and chats.

The kids were very gracious and introduced themselves to me as did the teachers and parents. It is always gratifying to have a project be appreciated, especially by a dozen or so people at the same time. When we unrolled the banner, there were lots of compliments, but what I loved was how they all wanted to touch it.  We took pictures of everyone with the banner.  I would love to share those but I need to get permission from the parents before I can post anything.

I had a chance to talk with some the teachers and kids to ask what they liked about the garden, being in the club, and the banner. Loved that the kids uniformly enjoyed being part of a club, learning how to garden, eating the fruit and vegetables, and letting their school mates know that it was a “real” club.  What did they like about the banner?  They liked that they would now have a really big sign that shows what they grow and how they feel about their garden.   They picked the quote for the banner:

“If our garden can be a peaceful place, then our school will be peaceful, then our community, then our city, then our country, then our continent…and then that peace will spread to the whole world.” -Unknown student


The club then presented me with a very nice plant and two cards, signed by all. The card I like best is hand made by one of the boys, and he took the time to explain how he decided on the artwork.  Very sweet!  So happy campers, or more appropriately, happy gardeners looking forward to hanging the banner in their beautiful garden.

When I arrived home I received a text from my soon to be niece-in-law that she had received the wedding invitations I created the artwork for, and she is really happy with them. The couple was great to work with, had many ideas, and then let me run with it.  I’m so pleased I was able to add to their special day, and it was a great way to wrap up the day.

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