Weekend Report – Busy!

Wow! The last few days have been crazy busy.  I spent a lot of time prepping for the K9 Cancer walk that took place yesterday.  Getting organized, having prints of new work made, reviewing marketing material, making sure all the equipment was in working order, etc.   Oh yes, and also travelling to a family wedding out of town (so much fun and such a happy event).  Good news is I am more organized than usual, and ready for the next series of events at a local winery.  More on that in a later blog.

The walk event went really well. They had at least 800 people participate.  Most of those brought their dogs, so you can imagine the crowd.  Love seeing the teams, especially those that were breed specific.  I think Team German Shepherd had to have at least twenty five dogs…an impressive site.  We met some wonderful dogs and their humans.  Heard some heartbreaking stories, but mostly everyone was having a good time.

A couple of days before the event it rained pretty heavily so there were quite a few patches of mud.   The dogs are as curious as their owners about what is on the vendor tables and to make sure they got a really good view of what we had it was paws on the table.  After a while we gave up trying to clean the muddy paw prints of the table coverings.  There’s nothing to do about that.  But, now we know to keep the note card inventory away from the front of the table.  No unauthorized autographs on the artwork.


I had help with sales this event. Special thanks to Kuma my spokes model and his “mom” Bibiana.  I drew Kuma late last year, and we displayed his portrait with Kuma patiently sitting next to it before the official walk started.  Kuma is a pretty mellow black lab and was really good about meeting folks and maybe made a few new friends too.  I think I owe him a bag of treats for his help with sales.  Here is my handsome helper.

I need to get back to my drawing table to attack the growing queue of commissions. A very productive April!


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