Starting Work on Cowboy and Tahoe

The last couple of days have been spent organizing the studio and going through the owners photos of the two cats that are the subject of my next project. Tahoe and Cowboy are kind of shy, so I’m depending on photos of them through the years taken by their “humans”.  I tried to get shots of them but didn’t have much luck.  On the up side, I have great shots of them dashing away.  I’m used to close ups to get a good take on fur texture, colors in the eyes, and fine details.  I’ll be depending on personal recall, generic cat references, and artistic license.



The cats are black and black and white, so my pallet will be limited. I do find that the Prismacolor Premier black is pretty soft and will wear down quickly.  The replacement order is in and should arrive early next week.  Even with blue and chestnut highlights, the black just does not last as long as most of the other colors.


I have worked out the poses and composition on drafting vellum and have started work on the actual piece. Most of the complex color is in the eyes and I have about six shades of yellow and green and reddish brown in play.  I’ll see how well this is working when I flip the film and start working on the reverse side.  Being able to work on both sides of the matte film makes the colors so much richer and vibrant and I love the results when I’m done.

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