Back After a Break

I’ve taken a longer than liked break from my blog and will try very hard to avoid doing this again, with the possible exception of vacations. It kind of worked out since the last several commissions were gifts and what a way to spoil a surprise by seeing it in progress on Facebook or twitter.  I still have a couple of gift projects and will delay writing about those until after they are delivered.

The last couple of years I have been involved in a couple of networking groups. They have helped me become a better messenger for my work, been great supporters, clients, and good friends.  They have been a great audience for the pent up art history teacher in me, being willing recipients of snippets of fun and interesting facts about art and artists.  A few have commented it would be fun to visit a museum with me, but there is a significant difference between a brief talk and a few hours looking at artwork and absorbing facts and observations.  Overload is a definite possibility.  I would enjoy sharing but need to think about how to pull this off without overwhelming someone.

I digress from networking. Growth through input from other artists is really important.  There is nothing better than a candid critique or open discussion about problems, etc., with your peers.  To that end I have joined several of groups of artists.  The Fine Arts League of Cupertino* (FALC);  the Colored Pencil Society of America** (CPSA), and their local chapter.  I discovered FALC while touring the Silicon Valley Open Studios*** event and that led me to the CPSA and then to the local chapter.  So far the groups have been very welcoming and have offered interesting speakers, workshops, and a great avenue to shows and exhibitions.  I look forward to developing projects to submit to upcoming events.

Fred Final


In the interim, I wanted to share my most recent project “Fred”. Fred was the beloved companion of Heather.  After a long and happy life, Fred left this mortal veil and a heartbroken friend.  Heather has some really wonderful friends who wanted to ease her pain and commemorate Fred.  I wish I would have known Fred.  He looked like he was game for almost anything from the photos given to me.  The finished work was presented to Heather at Fred’s memorial, and I’m happy to say she was delighted and moved.  I’m closing this entry with Fred’s portrait.  I hope you enjoy it.

*Fine Arts League of Cupertino

**Colored Pencil Society of America

***Silicon Valley Open Studios

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